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Company: FA.I.P

Founded in 1995, the company is a venture partner boasting over twenty year’s mature experience. In the production of security doors, FA.I.P. has always been committed to the pursuit of developing excellent products so as to meet the demands of its customers. Use of high-tech equipment, selection and training of personnel, transparency, consistency, flexibility and compliance with system are the symbol of enterprise’s rapid growth and guidelines enabling it to succeed in the market.

今天,我们公司要把生产先进产品的愿望扩展到尖端的设计、尝试新材料和新配比。我们的目标是使防盗门不仅仅作为安全元素,还能成为一个装饰元素。 Today, we intend to extend the ambition of producing advanced products to the cutting-edge design and the attempts of using new materials and new matching. Our goal is to make security door become not only a security element but also a decorative element.

企业认证 / Enterprise Certification:
FA.I.P一直关注质量以及高标准的设计和制造,企业通过了ISO 9001:2008认证。
FA.I.P always attaches great importance to high quality and design & manufacturing at high standards, and the enterprise has passed the ISO 9001: 2008 certification.

产品认证 / Product Certification:
我们每个型号的产品都通过了欧盟UNI EN法规所规定的所有测试,这些测试均由经过认可和授权的机构执行,并取得了CE UNI EN 14351-1:2006的相关证书和测试报告。通过相关的测试以及取得欧洲国家共同的执行标准认证是成为FA.I.P的防盗门的首要条件。
Each model of our products has passed all the tests required by UNI EN regulations of EU, and these tests are all carried out by the approved and authorized bodies. In addition, we have obtained CE UNI EN 14351-1: 2006-related certificates and test reports. To pass the relevant tests and obtain certification of standards commonly implemented by European countries is the prerequisite to become FA.I.P security door.

The certification is obtained by laboratory validation rather than calculation.
意大利制造 / Made in Italy